Magnussen/manager dispute heads to court

Published on 19 May 2017 11:35

Kevin Magnussen and his former manager are reportedly heading to court after the relationship ended controversially in 2014. When Magnussen lost his seat at McLaren after a single year,  he ditched his long-time manager Dorte Riis Madsen.

Magnussen negotiated his 2016 Renault deal solo, and when it came to his 2017 Haas deal, he was helped by his billionaire sponsor Anders Holch Povlsen. The court case will commence on June​ 1st. Madsen will be claiming damages for the driver's current and future income over breach of contract.

Former Danish racing driver Jason Watt said disputes over long-term contracts in motor racing are nothing new: "Contract lengths of 10-15 years are not unusual," he said. "A manager puts in money to build a career and it may take years before there is a return."

There was also an attempt to sort the issue so it did not have to go as far as a courtroom, however as Ekstra Bladet newspaper claims, "Attempts at an out of court settlement have failed." 


Fergal Walsh

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