Lance Stroll not getting down about 2017 so far

Published on 19 Apr 2017 13:48

Lance Stroll says he is not getting down about the difficult start to his F1 career. The Canadian teen, already under pressure after a mistake-strewn winter and claims he is a 'pay driver', struggled in Australia and China as his race career kicked off with Williams.

And there was more trouble in Bahrain, when he called being taken out by Carlos Sainz during the race as "ridiculous". But before that, he said he was doing well last Sunday. "I lost a few positions at the start, but then I ran really well on the soft tyres," said the Canadian. "I even managed to do a few passes, even if it all came to nothing because of Sainz."

But he told the Canadian newspaper La Presse: "I console myself by telling myself that the season is still young, and that I still have many more opportunities to recover. I'm looking forward to taking my chance," the 18-year-old added.

Stroll is also under big pressure at Williams, where the midfield battle in the constructors' standings with Force India, Toro Rosso, Haas and Renault looks set to be intense. "I don't have as many concerns as you might imagine," deputy team boss Claire Williams said.

"I think Lance has really proved that he deserves the seat. We are going to give him the space he needs to grow but I don't actually doubt that he's going to be capable of scoring the points that we need him to." (GMM)

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I'm sure Claire's opinion is coloured by the fact that his father brought a ton of money to the team.
GB LightIsRight 20 Apr 2017 05:450
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As much money as another pay driver and 4th in the championship? Because 4th is looking unlikely with just one driver scoring points. What's the pay out difference between 4th and 6th? I really hope it comes right for him soon, I want to see Williams right up there again.
US abbottcostello 19 Apr 2017 21:100
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I honestly don't think he's bad as some make him out, these incidents are teaching him some good lessons, now he just needs to apply them by getting some points finishes!

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