Horner: "Alonso advised badly in his F1 career"

Published on 19 Apr 2017 13:21

Fernando Alonso's career has taken a "strange" turn because of "mistakes" in his decision-making processes. That is the summary of Christian Horner, boss of the Red Bull team. In Bahrain, Horner joked that Alonso needs a "psychiatrist" after deciding to skip Monaco next month in order to tackle the fabled and dangerous Indy 500.

"I don't really understand," the Briton told the Spanish broadcaster Movistar. "Monaco is the biggest race of the year, where the engine matters a whole lot less and sometimes it rains and could be his biggest chance of a good result. So for the driver to go to another championship in which he has never participated, it's strange, but you have to respect him," Horner added.

But on another level, Horner said he can see how Alonso has been led to his "strange" decision. "Fernando is frustrated and angry, because he should be driving a competitive car. He is one of the best drivers in the world and it's frustrating for everyone to see him in the situation he's in."

"But it's because he was advised badly or because he made mistakes when he made decisions. Anyway, he's too good a driver to be so far behind -- he should be fighting at the front with Vettel, Hamilton, Ricciardo, Verstappen," Horner said.

Replies (6)
DE juju_hound 19 Apr 2017 13:340
Posts: 3
I think Horner knows what frustration means. If Renault engines would not be competetive for three seasons like Honda is he would speak different way now.
US mcbhargav 19 Apr 2017 16:060
Posts: 96
NL mclarenfan1968 19 Apr 2017 19:120
Posts: 824
Horner is angling for Alonso's services in 2018, confirmed.
US abbottcostello 19 Apr 2017 20:51+1
Posts: 6
Christian just hurt Alo didn't ask him first ;)
Funny how fighting at the front is against 1 Ferrari driver & 1 Merc driver, but BOTH RB drivers
SE calle.itw 20 Apr 2017 09:270
Posts: 1428
Thats Red Bull's ego for you.
US Ram Samartha 20 Apr 2017 01:490
Posts: 39
He's obviously sending out a message loud and clear to his drivers that they will never race outside of F1 while working for RedBull. Slow news week so they post articles like this bs.

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