Mercedes dominance damaging F1 - Horner

Published on 19 Mar 2017 18:22

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner thinks that Mercedes' dominance is damaging Formula 1 and believes new owners Liberty Media will not let it continue.

The Silver Arrows have subjugated the sport since the introduction of the V6 hybrid era in 2014, winning 51 of the 59 races that have followed. Speaking to The Guardian, Horner insists that change is needed. 

"It’s unpalatable to think of it for another three years," Horner insisted. "The new owners of F1 know very much about putting on a great show and there being good and healthy competition. That can’t be artificially done obviously but I would be surprised if they were prepared to allow total dominance like the last three years."

The new regulations that will be in play this season were partly drafted in to help the other teams catch up or even surpass Mercedes. However, it seems that Mercedes are top of the pecking order once again.

"Mercedes dominating again would be bad for the sport," Horner continued. "But how you prevent it from happening I don’t know. It would be wrong to artificially slow someone down. We have just got to work hard to put them under pressure."


Fergal Walsh

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SE calle.itw 19 Mar 2017 18:540
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Well, yes, but so did Red Bull's years of dominance, and probably Ferrari's and Schumacher's dominance aswell, even if I admittedly didnt mind seeing him win so frequently, he was basically my hero when I was a lil' one.
GB f1fan0101 19 Mar 2017 20:33+1
Posts: 1303
Red Bull dominance years only count for 53% of victories while Mercs is 86%, albeit one less year
NL mclarenfan1968 20 Mar 2017 05:300
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RBR didn't dominate the way Mercedes have. Whats worse Mercedes have strange going ons at the top levels of FIA which have led to the so called special steward waivers for butthurt boy after being an a-hole on the track while others got penalties for much less. A case of follow the money, very sure Bernie was in on this of all people. It remains to be seen with the new owners of F1 if their interest in propping up Mercedes has waned. It will show through in the penalties that will be metted out.

But as always some new team will gain the top favor, it's always been this way, in the past it was Ferrari.
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Here we go the season hasn't even started and people are already gripping about Mercedes, this is so childish. I have been a Mclaren fan since I started watching F1 and believe me I feelnthe pain, but I have huge respect and admiration for the way Merc have dominated these last 3 seasons and good for them they've done a proper job, it's up to the other teams to get their act together and push themselves to the front, Ferrari, Renault and Honda have the resources they just need to get their act together.
As for people wildly accusing the FIA (with no shread of reliable evidence) of favouritism towards Mercades, that is just laughable, do you really think they want any team to be dominant for multiple seasons, of course not, they want multiple winners as do we all, but it's up to the other teams to catch Merc and pass them.
I truly hope that we have a really competitive F1 this year, and hopefully see another team come to the fore, but if not and Mercedes are still ahead then so be it they will again have done a better job and will deserve their rewards.

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