McLaren forced to deal with drivers differently

Published on 19 Mar 2017 12:16

Managing Director at McLaren Eric Boullier says that the team's recent problems have forced them to deal with their drivers differently. McLaren has endured a horrid start to 2017 with reliability issues plaguing their pre-season test.

It's looking increasingly likely that McLaren could be a backmarker team this year, with Boullier not even sure if the team will make the finish line in Melbourne next weekend.

"With both drivers obviously you have to react differently,” Boullier said. "Stoffel [Vandoorne] is fresh, young and motivated as ever, so even if he's disappointed because he doesn't have the car to perform well - and I say if - then he will recover and it's something to learn.

"In the case of Fernando he has got more experience and he wants a competitive car, so he also knows - and this is something I keep saying - but since day one he knows the project.

"He knows everything, he knows how it goes and how it develops and where we go.  His patience is based on his own expectations but he has a full view of what is going on."


Fergal Walsh

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