We must deal with ugly car features - Brawn

Published on 19 Mar 2017 10:53

Ross Brawn returns to Formula 1 in 2017, not as a team boss or technical director, but as sporting manager of F1. The Brit is working at the head of the sport in light of Liberty Media's takeover of the pinnacle of motorsport.

However, Brawn isn't a massive fan of the new cars which will race this year. The regulations were introduced to make the cars better-looking however, some have disagreed with a few of the features such as the 'T-wing' and 'shark fin'.

"The whole idea behind the new rules is to produce better-looking cars. If I'm honest, we only achieved part of that goal. We have to deal this year with the shark fin, T-wings and many other small flaps that do not look good on the cars. Next time we have to be more critical in the drafting of the rules. The fans want to see nice cars."

Brawn went on to say that the teams have rejected a proposal to put the abbreviation and the number of the driver on the shark fin. In IndyCar and the WEC the teams use a digital number on the car, so that fans can follow the races more easily because they can see the current position of the driver in the car. 


Fergal Walsh

Replies (3)
SE calle.itw 19 Mar 2017 11:470
Posts: 4270
The T-wings and sharkfins look pretty bad alright, but why doesnt anyone step in an ban those ugly front nose things? They look like a finger at best, and it doesnt look pretty. I agree with the proposal to have more visible numbers.
US Ram Samartha 19 Mar 2017 14:520
Posts: 82
I think this year's cars look cool even with some of the shark fin and t wing designs. I have an engineering background so I wouldn't mind if they took off the wheels and used only wings! Some of the Le Mans cars look terrible but they are some the most badass cars on the planet. Teams go by what is in the rules. If they don't want fins and t wings, write em out next go round and problem solved.
GB f1fan0101 19 Mar 2017 16:220
Posts: 1303
I must be the only one who likes shark fins...

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