Hamilton could "do a Rosberg" - Coulthard

Published on 19 Mar 2017 10:32

Former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard says that Lewis Hamilton could follow in the footsteps of his former team-mate Nico Rosberg and retire sooner rather than later.

Rosberg retired from the sport at the end of last year at the age of 31, days after he won his maiden world championship. Ex-McLaren and Red Bull driver Coulthard sees the possibility of Hamilton doing something similar.

"How long before he retires? It could be sooner than maybe we would all want," Coulthard told the Daily Mirror. "I would be surprised if he was still doing it beyond 35 because he started so young – I stopped at 37, but I started later.

"Like anything in life, to keep things fresh and exciting over a 10 or 20-year period is tough. He could ‘Do a ­Rosberg’ and walk away if he wins the title this season, ­absolutely.

"When things are going well, Lewis is the most ­recognisable face on the grid and there are moments when you see the pure enjoyment, the little boy in the man.

"As long as that light’s getting switched on from time to time, he’ll continue to show up and do it. But when the ­passion goes, you can fool others but not yourself."

Coulthard also said that Bottas can't be ruled out of this year's championship even though he thinks Hamilton is the clear favourite to win his fourth title.

"Maybe Hamilton’s met his match, though the ­evidence of Bottas at Williams suggests he’s not at the same level as Lewis.

“Remember, Peter Warr once said Nigel ­Mansell would never win a Grand Prix ‘as long as there’s a hole in my a***’, and Nigel went on to win a lot because he got an exceptional car, and ­became a world champion. Maybe Bottas is suddenly going to appear as this winning machine that nobody saw coming – including Hamilton."

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GB f1fan0101 19 Mar 2017 11:050
Posts: 1303
Wow.. Careful DC, people might think you're biased
SE calle.itw 19 Mar 2017 11:500
Posts: 4270
What evidence of Bottas at Williams? He was quite the match for Massa, who while isnt the best driver is far from bad and is very experienced. I definitely think he is a better driver than Rosberg, and if that is true, then Hamilton will have reason to worry.
Posts: 89
OMG, I think that is a bit of a stretch!

Massa is an old driver at the end of his career and was in no way at his best last year, crashing a number of times with 3 DNF's to Bottas 2, and yet Bottas only managed to win the team mate battle 9 times to Massa's 7....... hardly a basis upon which to claim Bottas is a superior driver to Rosberg!
Posts: 35
Lets hope so DC !!
US Ram Samartha 19 Mar 2017 15:01+1
Posts: 82
In a period with no news DC is just trying to remain relevant. But wouldn't that shake things up if Ham, Vet, Rak, Mas, all retired in the same year. I'm not really a Hamilton fan, but it is undeniable he has innate natural talent behind the wheel that most drivers can't match. He's enjoying the racing and the money that it supplies him so he can live his jet set lifestyle. DC is just talking out his ass because there's no news until Melbourne.

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