Majority of F1 teams favour active suspension

Published on 17 Feb 2017 14:41

A majority of Formula 1 teams have agreed upon a return for an active suspension as a viable mechanism to clear up confusion over the ongoing suspension row.

The active suspension was last authorized in the 1994 season. The reintroduction of the system is one of four which is said to be under the spotlight for 2018 confirmation, and the FIA are expected to clarify the suspension regulations for 2017 ahead of the first test in Barcelona in just under two weeks time.

Ferrari asked the FIA about the legality of the suspension, which is pre-loaded to aid aerodynamic efficiency. The proposal for the reintroduction of the active suspension would be that it would bring F1 "into the 21st century."

If the FIA decides to allow the return of the system, Mercedes' 2014 active suspension proposal has been identified as a good place to start and develop a four-channel system that would allow teams to control heave and roll electronically.


Fergal Walsh

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Is this to help Ferrari again? There should not be such a change before the immemiate start of the year. It will have a major impact on over aero of the car and only the teams with big budget will make the most of this so soon before the start of the season.
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my mistake ... its for the 2018 season.

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