'Americans make a circus out of every sport'

Published on 09 Feb 2017 12:52

Michael Schumacher's former manager is not so sure the takeover by Liberty Media will really be good for F1. So far, since the US media group took over from controversial former owner CVC, most commentators have said Liberty's modern savvy should help F1 step up a gear. But Willi Weber, who famously guided F1 legend Schumacher into the sport in the 90s, is not so sure 'Americanisation' will be good for grand prix racing. "The Americans make a circus out of every sport," he told Germany's Sport Bild.

"Now they'll want to make every race a big event, inviting famous actors and letting the spectators get closer to the audience than in the Bernie (Ecclestone) era. But the Americans will never fight for a formula one ticket -- they would just rather go somewhere else. So I think that the premium feeling about formula one will be lost. The new owners have no racing feeling -- they just want to make money," Weber added.

Weber also commented on the future of Sebastian Vettel, as many say the German's attempt to emulate Schumacher's feats at Ferrari has already failed. Weber agrees: "If it is not much better this season, then Vettel must go. Even when they (Ferrari) pour wine at lunch again, it is clear -- no more."

Finally, 74-year-old Weber commented on the fate of his old friend Schumacher, saying he has no information about the seven time world champion after being shut out by the family and new management. "There seems to be a fear that I would reveal something about Michael's condition," he said. "But I would never do that. I would sign any clause of secrecy. Regardless of this, I consider it only right to explain three years after his accident to his millions of fans, how he (Schumacher) is. I pray for Michael," said Weber. "Hope dies last." (GMM)

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GB MichaelBUFF 09 Feb 2017 14:03+1
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Funny to hear Mr 10% talking about " they just want to make money".
GB f1fan0101 09 Feb 2017 16:280
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Change was needed, let Liberty lay out their plans and as ever let us be the cruel judges
SE calle.itw 09 Feb 2017 17:030
Posts: 1830
Thats really not a problem. I dont think F1 should have a "premium" feeling, if premium feeling translates into inaccessible, as it mostly does when we talk about F1. Thats never good if you want a successful sport with lots of following.

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