All confirmed 2017 presentations at a glance

Published on 07 Feb 2017 17:53

As we are now a week into the month of February, pre-season testing looms ever nearer. This season, fans are waiting in excitement to see the unveiling of the new cars and the liveries they will wear.

The new cars will look different due to a change in aerodynamic regulations, with competitors designing lower and wider cars. Below is a list of when the cars will be unveiled. Red Bull and Williams are yet to announce their dates.


Team Date
Renault February 21st
Force India February 22nd
Sauber February 22nd (shakedown)
Mercedes on February 23rd
ferrari on February 24th
McLaren on February 24th
Haas F1 Team February 25th (shakedown)
Toro Rosso on February 26th

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February/March have been the most exciting months in sport for years now. Although I'm looking forward to see the new cars and for testing to begin, I do hope the season gives me something to cheer for for a change. No Mercedes domination, nor domination from any other team please. I don't care who will win, I just want to see battles for the win.
GB f1fan0101 07 Feb 2017 18:17+1
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Yeah I'm hoping for a good season, the build up to the car presentations and pre-season is always exciting

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