Hulkenberg intensifying his training

Published on 29 Jan 2017 11:39

With pre-season being just under a month away, drivers are preparing to face the unknown. At Barcelona we will see the first signs of how quicker the cars will be.

Hulkenberg makes the switch to Renault for the new era of Formula One, and will work with his first factory team. He believes that until Monaco, nobody will get a real view of how quicker the cars are.

"In Monaco you will clearly see how much faster we can go through the corners. We will ride the course with almost maximum downforce. In Barcelona turn three and four are at full throttle, something that was only possible last year when you were sitting in a Mercedes or Red Bull."

Hulkenberg has also revealed he has massively stepped up his training regime in preparation for the 2017 cars, where he will have to handle much higher levels of downforce as cars will corner more quickly.

"Every day I start training at four o'clock in the morning. I do a two-hour session, and I repeat in the afternoon, it is.. very heavy, the cars are much harder to rdrive for us drivers. "


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