Liberty need to change financial inequalities - Kaltenborn

Published on 28 Jan 2017 13:35

Team principal of Sauber Monisha Kaltenborn is hoping that Liberty Media can sort out the distribution of payments as soon as possible. The current method has been criticized by teams and fans with alike.

Liberty Media have spoke about the proposed idea to change the way the finances are given out, however it's unlikely to change before 2020 when the current commercial deal expires.

Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams all receive bonus payments for where they finished in last seasons championship.

Kaltenborn said: "I certainly hope that it's not going to drag on until 2020 because I'm sure that when people make such an investment, they do have a business plan in place that should start working when they take over and not start working in 2020.

"The kind of system we have and what you hear from the new owners, we don't see how the system is going to work until 2020, if certain financial privileges are given irrespective of what the result is.

"If you want to make the competition come closer you can also not work like this. So I think everything has to be looked at, and we have a completely new basis."


Fergal Walsh

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GB f1fan0101 28 Jan 2017 13:410
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Yes, definitely something needs to be done here, especially to encourage new teams to join the grid

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