Liberty Media targeting Ferrari benefits

Published on 21 Jan 2017 16:42

New owners of Formula One Liberty Media are targeting an end to the guaranteed luxuries that Ferrari receive just from entering a season. Ferrari are the only team in Formula One who have competed in the World Championship since its inaugural year in 1950.

Ferrari receives around $100 million every year, with back markers Manor and Sauber receiving half of that. Liberty Media are planning to spread out the payments to see a more level playing field.

“If you’re Ferrari, you have enormous sponsorship revenue that goes directly to you," Liberty’s chief executive Greg Maffei said. "That’s going to be impacted more positively by great races.

"So thinking about balancing the team payments, so they’re a little more balanced and creates more fairness, has to be weighed, in Ferrari’s mind, I would expect, by the fact that creating a great platform helps our sponsorship revenue, too, so there’s give-and-take."

Liberty are also working on the idea of a budget cap, to stop money being 'wasted'. One unnamed source last month said: "It makes no sense to have teams spending the better part of $400 million. That money is not doing anything good for fans. It is just wasted on competing on technology.”


Fergal Walsh

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NL mclarenfan1968 21 Jan 2017 17:440
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Budget cap is impossible to police.

Rather, cut off the technology that is prohibitively expensive and a case of merely diminishing returns, namely the wind-tunnel. The IT/Computing power level today is very very strong enough to support totally CFD based designs. With more engineering forces working on pure CFD it's modeling accuracy can only go further north. CFD is just vastly more cost efficient. Have a tender out to a CFD farm and apportion out the computing power to each team, they all get the same levels of compute and it's upto the teams to come up with the smartest ideas within their CFD time.

Now if some teams want to make numerous carbon fibre parts for no good reason let it be their headache if they drives them out of existence but simply on a pure competition basis what is important is that all teams have access to the same CFD sophistication. F1 tech should be the battle of engineering minds rather than pure resources and money.
SE calle.itw 21 Jan 2017 19:470
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I agree, and wind tunnels seem to be on their way out as we speak.
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No. You are a complete fool.
NL mclarenfan1968 22 Jan 2017 07:070
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Oh hello there RS200/POMPEY double account poster :D

Well of course to people with low intellects anything that seems overtly complex makes them think they are reading something written by fools. It's ok for you to be less able mentally as not everyone can be normal, such is life ;)
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Premier league footy model please. Even tv and hosting fee distribution. Teams get prize money according to position

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