Daniil Kvyat on new season and new girlfriend

Published on 11 Jan 2017 14:42

Daniil Kvyat has stated he is looking forward to getting back to work after a winter that consisted of training hard for the new 2017 cars.

The 2017 season will see revamped cars which are expected to test drivers strength and durability.

"I wish to wake up on the first working day refreshed, full of strength and energy, and positive. We are already preparing for the new season from a physical point of view."

"In December, when there was free time, we used it to prepare for intensive training in January and February -- I will have a lot of work."

"Then I will go to the factory as soon as there is more information about the new car -- as soon as the engineers call, I will go!"

Kvyat also confirmed that he acquired a new girlfriend over the winter, who's surname is instantly recognizable to all motorsport fans.

"I was in Italy, with family members, with my girlfriend, regaining my strength and now I have returned home."

"Her name is Kelly, which I think everyone has seen on the internet. She is from the Piquet family, as you know."

Kelly Piquet is the daughter of three time world champion Nelson Piquet and sister of former driver Nelson Piquet Jr. 

The Russian will be hoping that these changes will motivate him to enjoy a more successful season in 2017 after the disappointment contained in 2016.

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