Ferrari president Marchionne to retire after 2018

Published on 11 Jan 2017 09:14

Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne says he plans to retire after 2018. The 64-year-old took control of Fiat over a decade ago, but his ascendance at Ferrari has been more recent in the wake of Luca di Montezemolo's exit.

But Marchionne, an Italian Canadian, said in 2014 that he will "undoubtedly" retire after 2018. And during a news conference in Detroit this week, he confirmed that his plans to begin his retirement from early 2019 remain on track. (GMM)

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SE calle.itw 11 Jan 2017 10:280
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Could be a good idea. If he could convince Ecclestone to do the same that'd be great.
NL bremgarten 11 Jan 2017 21:480
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Couldn't agree more.
NL SkankHunt42 11 Jan 2017 13:570
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Only after 2018?
Please Mr. Marrchione couldn't you just leave right now? All that is left of the Scuderia is nothing but a bunch of scared, jumpy people who are afraid to stick there heads out. This will stay that way if you aren't able to give the team just enough slack to get their creative minds running again.
I'll bet you if mr. Enzo could see the way you have handled things, he would turn in his grave.
Right now you're talking about starting a junior team for Ferrari under the name of a brand that's older than Ferrari, i.e. Alfa Romeo. I suppose that when the opportunity rose you were taking a nap.
In 2015 when mr. Mateschitz was really ready to sell Torro Rosso you missed out! What an opportunity you had on your hands to buy a North Italian team located in Faenza, not too far away from Maranello. The had (have) a really good chassis, all you had to do was to put the latest spec Ferrari engine into it and you were on your way.
Then last but not least you were able to completely ruin the Lancia brand. Quite an effort considering Lancia was always up front technically as well as estatically comparing to other brands. There was a great opportunity there instead of rebranding some sluggish, heavy Chryslers.
I really believe you've done a great job economically, but I think your employees didn't have the balls to give you their view of saving the great Italian car brands. I certainly don't hope it was a lack of vision, because that would be even worse!
Here is an opinion from Holland, it may be a rough one but over here we don't like "yes nodders" ("ja knikkers " You see a lot of them in the countryside pumping up oil ).
We like to speak our minds. Why? Because we're Dutch!

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