Paddy Lowe officially leaves Mercedes

Published on 10 Jan 2017 12:05

Paddy Lowe has officially left his post at Mercedes to potentially join Williams.

Lowe joined the Silver Arrows in 2013, with his contract expiring in May of this year. His exit could speed up the move to secure Valtteri Bottas at the team.

Bottas has been heavily linked with taking the vacant seat left at Mercedes left by Nico Rosberg who retired after winning the world championship.

Lowe began his career at Williams in 1987 as joint head of electronics in a rather successful six year championship.

After spending twenty years at McLaren, he was promoted to technical director in 2011. Two years later he joined Mercedes enjoying three successive Constructor Championships.

It now looks as though he will be reunited with Williams, although the role he will take is not yet clear.

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