Lewis Hamilton taking positives from 2016

Published on 30 Dec 2016 12:15

Lewis Hamilton feels that his defeat in the 2016 title race has made him a stronger driver.

The Brit's two years of dominance came to an end this year as Nico Rosberg won the championship, despite Hamilton's better pole and win record.

Hamilton also had to contend with a staffing reshuffle at Mercedes, something that was often a point of contention for the former-McLaren driver but he feels that he has emerged from 2016 stronger.

"I don't look back but generally I like to take the positives, while the negatives are things to learn from," Hamilton is quoted by RACER. "I came out with more wins and more poles than anyone, which is great."

"It was an incredibly successful year for the team, so I would say apart from the growth I've had as a driver, the bond I've built with my guys is something that really strengthens me going into next year," he added.

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