Mark Webber thinks Nico Rosberg's retirement boosts Daniel Ricciardo's title chances

Published on 28 Dec 2016 12:30

Mark Webber feels that Nico Rosberg's retirement will provide a boost to compatriot Daniel Ricciardo's title chances.

Ricciardo has won more races than any other non-Mercedes driver in the last three years and many expect his Red Bull team to be strong contenders next year.

"Daniel was probably the most consistent driver in the field this year and he's absolutely world class, in the top three drivers," Webber told The Age newspaper.

"He (Ricciardo) is in a position to go again next year and certainly vie for the championship if Red Bull can get the car together," said Webber, "because Nico is virtually impossible to replace in the short term at Mercedes.

"Nico and Lewis (Hamilton) drove each other to be better, but now they won't have that all-star lineup. Lewis is brilliant and absolutely ruthless, but this will shake up the F1 market," he added.

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NL mclarenfan1968 28 Dec 2016 13:140
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Mark Webber trying to peddle the 'ol Aussie brigade, He'd be right if Ricciardo was moving over to mercedes and merc continued to have a rocket ship for 2017 in which case buthurtboy gets creamed in an embarrassing way. They'd have to ask Ricciardo to slow down or it would constitute bullying.

However that's not the case, Ricciardo is staying put. RBR needs to get within 90% of merc performance consistently, then yes. A big 'maybe' seeing what happened in 2016. Let's not kid ourselves, merc was untouchable in 2016 save for some reliability issues.

TBH most couldn't give two s!ts about RBR or Merc, they can both rot in a corner no one cares. F1 needs a new consistent leader to emerge. Ferrari, Mclaren, Renault or anyone other than the usual drama queens Merc and RBR. Tough ask but anything is possible for 2017.
SE calle.itw 28 Dec 2016 21:340
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I agree, anything is possible.
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I agree it would be great to see Mclaren or Renault break through.

I also agree that Ricciardo would have to move to Mercedes to be a chance of a Title.

If that were not the case, I'd have to totally disagree with Webber that Rosberg's retirement will provide a boost to Ricciardo's title chances, as it is unlikely there will be any 'available' drivers capable of dividing the drivers points within the Mercedes team, leaving Hamilton to easily accumulate the lion share of Drivers Championship points should Mercedes maintain their domination in 2017....

In fact, would it not be advantageous for Red Bull to allow Ricciardo to move to Mercedes? Ricciardo would be capable of competing against Hamilton for wins, thereby dividing the drivers points within the Mercedes Team and preventing Hamilton from running away with the season, which would increasingly bring Verstappen into the equation, particularly if he can consistently be at the front of the field....... Red Bull has the depth to do it, Sainz to RB, Gasley to TR.

Though still holding out hope that Alonso will get the seat......

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