Red Bull a better place to be - Daniel Ricciardo

Published on 23 Dec 2016 17:27

Daniel Ricciardo thinks that Red Bull is the best place to be next season, despite Mercedes' recent domination.

After Nico Rosberg's recent retirement, Ricciardo, along with every other top driver in F1, was linked with his seat.

He and his team quickly quashed the speculation and now he has said that he is is a better place going forward.

"I believe so," he told ESPN. "If you were a betting man you would say, 'well, why wouldn't Mercedes win again?' but I honestly believe [Red Bull is a better place to be].

"Also because we are the opposite of complacent right now. We are so motivated, we have everything behind us and I feel like it will be a massive push with a lot of energy.

"With [engine supplier] Renault it really feels like they have fed off their improvements this year and everyone is just like '2017, let's go and push it up'. Obviously, compared to Mercedes, you know they will be quick, but maybe they have the ability to become a bit complacent, whereas we are the opposite of that right now."

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NL bremgarten 26 Dec 2016 10:490
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Realistic assessment by Ricciardo. Hopefully he and his team mate will be allowed to push each other to achieve the best results possible.
NL Patentprutser 29 Dec 2016 09:110
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Nice to hear such optimism!
Everyone who loves F1 would like to see more fights for the wins instead for the last podium place. Red bull is definitly able to build (one of ) the best cars but Mercedes is able to do so also. I think the drive and energy to perform is higher at RB. They really want to be on top again and they have to drivers to do so. The biggest issue willbe the Tag Heuer in the back. How much power can they devellop over the winter and will it be as reliable as last season?
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Renault still is the weakest link within the Red Bull package...

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