Felipe Massa return a done deal - reports

Published on 19 Dec 2016 09:20

Felipe Massa will postpone his Formula One retirement to race for Williams in 2017 according to reports in Germany and Brazil.

The move clears the way for Valtteri Bottas to move to Mercedes to replace Nico Rosberg who also retired at the end of the 2016 season.

Auto Bild is reporting that Massa will be offered €6 million to stay on for one more year, with the team and title sponsor Martini keen to have an older, more experienced driver racing alongside teenage rookie Lance Stroll.

Interestingly, the same report has revealed that Lewis Hamilton was against the idea of having Pascal Wehrlein as his team mate for 2017.

The Brit was reportedly concerned that the scenario would be too similar to when he partnered Fernando Alonso at McLaren in 2007.

Then a rookie, Hamilton out performed the two-time champion, and was seen to be favoured by the team having been nurtured by them from a young age, while Alonso had only joined that season, having signed over a year prior.

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DE Wolfgang 19 Dec 2016 12:05+3
Posts: 312
hamilton outperformed alonso in 2007? wait, what?
i thought both had the same points at the end of the season..
NL mclarenfan1968 19 Dec 2016 14:110
Posts: 945
Alonso blew away turdboy, this was despite the whole Mclaren team being against one Spanish guy. Turdboy's uselessness would be so apparent he might go full-retard if Alonso ever paired up with lewis because it is very clear at Mercedes Lewis has no sugar daddys at his side.

It was Alonso's stupidity he left on his own accord, had he stayed put Turdboy would have been pushed out of F1 already, that gangsta ego of his cant handle the reality. It's typical of butthurtkid to spit the dummy.
GB DaveWillisPorter 19 Dec 2016 19:260
Posts: 2
He came second on count back remember? Alonso was third that year.
GB DaveWillisPorter 19 Dec 2016 19:490
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MCLARENFAN1968 Strong opinions. Let's see if the facts support them........ no!
Alonso finished ahead of Hamilton in 4 of the 10 years they have raced each other. Blown away? Hardly! Even if you remove the Merc years it's an even match.
The top three highest paid drivers are Alonso Hamilton and Vettel. This is determined by market forces. So your argument is that multi billion dollar companies know what Alonso is worth but not what Hamilton is worth and the principles of free market economies break down when confronted by Hamilton? Hardly! What the market tells us is that they are evenly matched.
Finally, the reason Alonso left both Mclaren when they were doing well and Ferrari to a disastrous Mclaren team was his ego. So I would submit that they are both evenly matched on those stakes also. Difference being Hamilton made a better decision.
To conclude, the facts support an opinion that they are very closely matched in all aspects so by casting doubt on Hamilton's ability you must also by the same measure cast doubt on Alonso's ability - if that is, you are of sane mind. Judging by the fact that you call a brown person "turdboy" and have so little knowledge of "gangsta" that you think Hamilton's lifestyle and choices are in anyway comparable to actual "gangstaz" I wonder if you are. Just sayin' blud.
NL mclarenfan1968 20 Dec 2016 01:420
Posts: 945
Typical turboy fanbois like you always fall back on "points", conveniently ignoring that the whole team was competing against Alonso lol. When a driver is handicapped, given poor strategies and worse sabotaged, even a monkey will look good.

Despite all that Alonso was only matched by turdboy, lol that isn't saying much and it doesn't say much about turdboy's fans like yourself. You also need someone crippled so you can get ahead in life or at the job place? It's plainly obvious you do ;)

Facts and common sense clearly don't support your rose tinted lens

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