'Perez could take Raikkonen's place at Ferrari soon'

Published on 06 Jun 2016 11:39

Sergio Perez's father has triggered wild speculation about the next high-profile news in formula one. Ilta Sanomat, a Finnish daily, said it has heard from Mexican sources that Perez's father Antonio has declared that big news is looming ahead of the Canadian grand prix this week. "It is rumoured that (Sergio) Perez could move to Ferrari very soon or later this season, taking Kimi Raikkonen's place," the report decared.

However, Antonio Perez's declarations are more likely to tie in with rumours that the Dutch beer giant Heineken is set to announce a major sponsorship with the F1 group of companies within the next few days. Force India has been linked with a reported Heineken team sponsorship deal. Interestingly, Heineken owns 42 per cent of Vijay Mallya's drinks empire United Breweries, with Force India co-owner and boss Mallya's share down to just 32pc.

Heineken said recently it was "following developments" in the Mallya saga, amid the former Indian billionaire's collapsed airline Kingfisher and his legal troubles. "We have been following developments in the Indian press recently. But we would not comment at this stage," a Heineken spokesperson had said. (GMM)

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don´t think checo is going to ferrari.. kimi is going to stay in 2017..
NL mclarenfan1968 06 Jun 2016 15:550
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Yeah he had his chance at Mclaren and he blew it. He isn't spectacular enough to get a ride at Ferrari. His podium at Monaco was a good situation where circumstances conspired in his favor, nothing more. With it being notoriously hard to overtake he essentially just had the circuit's characteristics to keep Vettel behind him.

Kimi is set to Stay in 2017.
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@McLarenfan1968, McLaren has not had nothing spectacular because his car is bad from 2012, even now with 2 worldchampions drivers can not do nothing even out of the points, your comment is trash.
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checo himself has mor podiums than all McLaren in last years.!!!!
NL mclarenfan1968 07 Jun 2016 02:490
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@Pique, your comment is the true trash. Button scored higher and finished with higher positions consistently than Perez. If this guy was something special for the future he had his chance to prove and couldn't which is why he as dropped. Your knowledge of recent F1 seasons is pretty pathetic. Obvious trash fanboy is trash. XD
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@MCLARENFAN1968, your have a poor knowledge of F1, Checo has 3 podiums after 2013 vs Button 1, 2015 driver standings Checo (9) was better than button(16), so in the last years Checo had improved his skill vs an old driver, you are blind or you avoid the reality. May be you need to be a football fan because your F1 knowledge is poor.
NL mclarenfan1968 08 Jun 2016 03:190
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@Pique, says the clown who still doesn't get it about season 2013, he was piss poor compared to button hence Mclaren dropped him and good riddance, what he achieved outside of Mclaren doesn't concern Mclaren or their current drivers because they were not in the faster Force India in 2015-2016. Only a rabid fanboy like you will make that comparison and try to justify 2013 LMAO
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@MCLARENFAN1968.- lol Checo is closing your big and useless mouth with podiums. I told you Perez is much better that granpa Button and all McLaren together this year.
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Sergio Perez at Ferrari is just funny rumor. Antonio Perez is dreaming and looking for attention.
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New bitch for Seb, disappointing..
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@Heinz Seb is good but is not the place of Seb, it is of old Raikkonen.

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