Column: How important are loud engines?

Published on 04 Mar 2017 14:29

Formula One is hitting a new era this year, and while it may not bring the 'angry buzzing of a bee' sound back, the cars will be much quicker, and drivers will be tested. Overtaking ability is yet to evaluated, so it would be unfair to comment on that for now.

If there's one thing I always notice, it's that on all the old online F1 videos that have slipped through the Formula One Group's tight, menacing grasp, fans are displeased with the current Formula.

The most recurring comment I see goes something like: "The good old sounds of F1" or "This is what a real F1 car sounds like". And it's got me pondering, how crucial are these current aesthetics of F1? 

Well in my controversial opinion, not very. Fans and drivers alike have made no attempt to hide their feelings on the current engine spec, and the 2017 regulations may just be a distraction to the upset cries of F1 fans. While it is an attempt to make the front of the field competitive again, why have team leaders been saying that they want the cars to look and sound better?

"I would prefer to go back to a normally-aspirated, screaming V10 engine," were the words of Red Bull team boss Christian Horner.

F1 should never ban the idea of moving towards improving the show, as that is what is really missing from the sport. Let me ask you: If we got the loud, screeching V10's back, but the spectacle remained the same as today, would that please the fans?

Are current F1 fans still longing the V10's in a depressing divorce like manner? Can't we have this deep, rumbling engine and still have a good viewing? I hope so, and I'm really interested to see how Liberty Media react to this outburst that has been going on since 2014.

If there's a man with a plan, it's Ross Brawn, but I just fear that F1 feels it needs to move backwards to move forwards. Evolve with what we have, don't abandon and start from scratch. THAT is not what F1 is about, not engines that don't tear at your eardrums. 


Fergal Walsh



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GB f1fan0101 04 Mar 2017 16:22+1
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Interesting.. I just want some good on track action, then I'm happy
SE calle.itw 04 Mar 2017 16:300
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Interesting article, and I agree with the author's opinion. I dont know why people still complain, this year's cars sound great in this video.
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If Ross were to ask most fans which they prefer :-
1)A procession of screaming V10s who rarely change position whilst leaving you deaf for 3 days after a race
2) closely matched position swapping cars that are so fast they make you wonder how they stay on track and which are loud but not ear damaging.

I know which I prefer.
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I may be missing something here but the engines in the above clip appear to be revving way above the 10k or thereabouts of last year. Indeed i would go so far as to say 15k +. What is meant by the video title: "V12 V10 & V8 engines?? These do not sound like the V6 hybrids at all. Is someone having a little joke on us?
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Yeah, I'd be willing to bet you a pint that somebody's been doing some very clever sound editing on the clip :-P

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