Esteban Gutierrez 'impressed' with Formula E

Published on 11 Jan 2017 14:08

Esteban Gutierrez confirmed earlier this week that he would be joining Formula E after failing to secure a drive in Formula One for 2017.

Gutierrez spent three season in Formula One, two with Sauber (2013-2014) and one with Haas (2016). However the Mexican failed to retain his seat at Haas after not scoring a point all season.

He says that his good relationship with Formula E boss Alejandro Agag made the series more interesting to watch.

"I've always been following Formula E, because of my relationship with Alejandro; I've always been following his projects, [with] Formula E being one of them," Gutiérrez said.

"I've been very impressed at how the category has grown; electric cars are the future of mobility in cities, so it's a very interesting way of how the innovation is being pushed through the category. I'm very happy to finally make the announcement of my future plans."

Agag is just as excited as Gutierrez in relation to joining the electric series. "I've known Esteban since very early on in his career," he explained. "He's a great driver, I've seen him in GP3, GP2 and Formula 1 obviously. He's a great addition, we're incredibly excited to welcome him, I think for the Mexico race especially, but this could be the start of a very long and successful career in Formula E."

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Of course you're impressed and you will be more, after you start racing. It's much more cmeptitive than F1...and don't assure you're gonna make it there too.

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