'Big teams to apply pressure over F1 income'

Published on 30 Jan 2017 13:34

F1 must be prepared to call Ferrari's bluff in pursuit of a fairer income distribution system for the teams. That is the claim of former F1 driver Christian Danner, referring to reports new owner Liberty Media intends to take away Ferrari's huge $100 million bonus payments in the future.

Ferrari is yet to comment, but during an interview with Germany's motorsport-magazin.com, Danner was told it is likely the great Italian marque will threaten to quit formula one. "Then they should go," Danner responded. "You would have to say 'If you don't want to be on the stage that built you, then go to Le Mans, where no one will watch'."

However, Danner said that Ferrari will probably not be alone in fighting back against moves to more evenly distribute F1's income among all the teams. "Ferrari will threaten to quit, Mercedes will talk about its history and Renault will say there will not be enough engines without them -- and so on," he said. "Everyone will apply every possible means of pressure and try to use it for their own benefit." (GMM)

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