Weber: "Family should tell truth about Schumacher"

Published on 19 Jan 2017 10:47

Michael Schumacher's former long-time manager has criticised the F1 legend's family. Willi Weber, who guided Schumacher's ultra-successful career from the junior categories and onto titles with Benetton and Ferrari, thinks the German's family and management is wrong to have shut out the world in the wake of his 2013 skiing crash and injuries.

"For some time now, I've been saying that the Schumacher family is not telling the whole truth," Weber told the German weekly magazine Bunte. "It's time to pour pure wine for his millions of fans," he added, referring to the fact that almost nothing is known about 48-year-old Schumacher's current health status. "But I'm biting on granite, because for a long time my advice is no longer heard," Weber said.

But he said he remains hopeful that he will again talk to his old friend some day. "When I'm home alone and the phone rings, I often feel that it will be Michael saying 'Willi, how's it going?' Hope dies last," said Weber. (GMM)

Replies (3)
DE Wolfgang 19 Jan 2017 12:06+1
Posts: 119
there are reasons why you don´t hear a simple thing about his condition.

i don´t think we´ll ever see him again and i´m pretty sure some day they will say he died.
NL mclarenfan1968 19 Jan 2017 13:170
Posts: 673
Another entitled loud mouth *SMH*. The family doesn't owe anyone (apart from close relatives) any information of such private nature. Just WTF can telling the world help achieve as far as improving his condition goes??! The best medical resources the Schumachers have access to are already on the task and that's the bottom line.
SE calle.itw 19 Jan 2017 16:260
Posts: 1220
The Schumacher's and Kehm dont owe us anything in this. Let them speak when they want to.

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