Driver of the day for stunning Max Verstappen

Published on 13 Nov 2016 22:11

Max Verstappen was once again voted driver of the day after an incredible drive in wet conditions at Interlagos.

The young Dutchman carved up the field after his final pit stop to finish third behind both Mercedes drivers.

However, it was a far from easy race for the Red Bull driver, who very nearly crashed out of the race on lap 38.

"I don’t know, maybe I clipped a bit of the curb, and I had a massive moment, locked all four wheels, and managed to keep it out of the guardrail and continue still in second," Verstappen said.

"Then we decided to pit for intermediates but unfortunately it started to rain afterward so it didn’t work out. But then after that, I think I was 15th, 14th, I don’t know where I was, and then some great overtakes and then to get back on the podium is amazing. I couldn’t see when I was straight behind so I had to take a different line."

Replies (3)
NL Patentprutser 14 Nov 2016 05:36+2
Posts: 79
This time, a really well deserved DOTD. what a ride!!
Posts: 95
Loved his pass on Vettel, and immediately Vettel starts bleating...! It's so unfair!!!

If there's any justice Max will also overtake Vettel in the championship for fourth in the last race.
SE calle.itw 14 Nov 2016 14:300
Posts: 1220
He did a great job, literally danced around the track in a very Sennaesque fashion (or Button in a car he is comfortable in, very few drivers match him in the rain), although we shouldnt forget the likes of Nasr, Ocon and even Sainz, all three did a great job in far worse cars.

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